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Judy Garey and Michael Losier

Judy Garey Featured on Michael Losier’s Certified Law Of Attraction Facilitator Spotlight Series

This week, I manifested being featured on Michael Losier’s Certified Law Of Attraction Facilitator Spotlight Series.   A few months ago, I was browsing Michael’s website and ran across his “Spotlight Series” where he had interviewed Law of Attraction Facilitators that he certified a while back.  I thought then, I’d love to be featured in … Read more…

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Judy Garey- Dang why did she say that

Dang, why’d she say that?!?!

Have you ever been focused on doing something and someone said something that totally distracted you? In today’s featured video, I want to remind you to be aware of the words you are saying and how powerful they really are. I share with you what a lady said to me at a restaurant that totally … Read more…

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failure is not an option

“Failure is Not an Option” or is it? Hmmmm….

“Failure is not an option” is a very popular phrase that many people say. When we say, “Failure is not an option” it causes us to give attention, energy and focus to “failure being an option”, which in turn will cause us to send the vibration of failure being an option. When we send the … Read more…

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Re-Framing Never Give Up

Why you should avoid saying, “Never Give Up.”

Never give up is a common phrase that many people say. While most say it with the intention of empowering someone, it’s actually disempowering vibrationally. Watch this short video to learn how and learn what to say instead. For more tools and strategies to support you in maintaining a high vibration as well as, supporting … Read more…

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law of attraction manifestation stories 2

LOL, We can manifest anything, including…

Wanted to share this fun little manifestation story of how I manifested something that I needed within 14 hours after setting the intentions!  I love being a Master Manifestor!  😀 We can truly manifest anything! Happy Manifesting! Til Next Time, Always Remember…. Change Your Vibes, Change Your Life! -Judy Garey

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its easy

The Easy Approach to Manifesting Your Dreams and Goals. :-)

Writing a Best Selling Book had been on my Life Vision list since January 2011. In March 2012, I moved it to the top of the list and began giving it attention, energy and focus.  I started being in the energy of other authors and aspiring authors and shared my goal to be a published … Read more…

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