Judy Garey is a catalyst for positive change. Through her dynamic coaching, unique workshops and seminars, she inspires others to transform their lives. As a woman with a down-home personality who has overcome her share of adversity, Judy empathizes with her clients and audience members while empowering them with life-changing wisdom.

Judy has been an award-winning member of multiple leadership teams since 1993. As a dedicated leader, she has trained, motivated and empowered thousands of people in direct sales, business and personal development. Her love of speaking and entertaining audiences emerged while she was a top sales leader in the direct-sales industry for nine years.

While majoring in psychology in college, she discovered her passion for studying the mind, human behavior, personal development and serving others. This passion grew stronger years later after experiencing and overcoming major challenges in her own life. Judy struggled with panic attacks over a 24-year period and was diagnosed with panic disorder, agoraphobia, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. She was highly medicated and, in her words, felt as if she was “stuck in a life mess.”

After committing herself to positive change, she quickly overcame her challenges and transformed her life by implementing the exact steps and strategies she now shares and teaches in her seminars, workshops and private coaching programs.

Driven to continue learning, she attended classes at the Insight Institute in Atlanta and became a certified human behavior specialist in 2010. She embraced Michael Losier’s Law of Attraction teachings and became a certified Law of Attraction trainer in 2011. And in 2012, she co-authored the book, Unlock the Power of You and founded High Vibe Academy.

Judy loves traveling the world while inspiring, empowering and teaching others how to change their vibes so that they, too, can change their lives.

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