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feeling lost

Feeling Lost?

Have you ever said any of the following? “Where’s that girl/guy I used to be?” “I wish I could find that person I once was.” “I don’t even know what I’m passionate about anymore.” “I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing now.” “I just feel so lost.” In this video, I share … Read more…

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Judy Garey-Master Re-Framer of the World

How to Change Your Vibes Around Disappointment.

When we say the word “Disappointment” we’re actually giving attention, energy and focus to “Disappointment” which in turn will cause us to feel more disappointed. “Don’t Be Disappointed, I don’t want to disappoint..” as well as many other phrases with the word disappointment are all common phrases that many people say. When we say, “Disappointment” … Read more…

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Judy Garey- Dang why did she say that

Dang, why’d she say that?!?!

Have you ever been focused on doing something and someone said something that totally distracted you? In today’s featured video, I want to remind you to be aware of the words you are saying and how powerful they really are. I share with you what a lady said to me at a restaurant that totally … Read more…

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Judy Garey, When something seems hard do this

When something seems hard, do this. :)

Have you ever thought, “Life is Hard?” or “Reaching my goals and dreams are hard?” Guess what?! If you think it’s hard, it will be. And many times, when we think something is hard, we will delay doing it just because we think it’s hard. Then procrastination sets in and starts clogging our vibrational pours. … Read more…

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Don't worry

OMG, What just happened?! It’s ok though, don’t worry!

When you read that title, what was the first thing that came to your mind? Was it a thought of worry? Or maybe you had a sense of curiosity, wondering what just happened? More than likely it was a thought that something bad had happened, right? When we say “Don’t Worry” we’re actually giving attention, … Read more…

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Judy Garey Alone in your struggles

Alone in Your Struggles? Wishing Someone Would Fix You?

Do you feel like no-one is there for you?  You reach out for help only to find no-one is there and those that are there choose to make you feel worse rather than helping you? And even though you’re always there for everyone else, you still get ignored and pushed to the side when you … Read more…

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