Judy Garey and Michael Losier

Judy Garey Featured on Michael Losier’s Certified Law Of Attraction Facilitator Spotlight Series

This week, I manifested being featured on Michael Losier’s Certified Law Of Attraction Facilitator Spotlight Series.   A few months ago, I was browsing Michael’s website and ran across his “Spotlight Series” where he had interviewed Law of Attraction Facilitators that he certified a while back.  I thought then, I’d love to be featured in … Read more…

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Judy Garey and Melinda Curle

Melinda Curle- Seizures & Epilepsy Healing Manifestation Story

Meet my special guest in this vlog post, Melinda Curle.   Melinda is the author of the book, Seizure Free – Addressing the Causes of Seizures Naturally. She lived with grand mal seizures for 24 years before figuring out how to heal herself of her seizure disorder naturally. Check out the interview below to hear what … Read more…

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no offense but

No Offense, BUT….

When you hear the phrase, “No Offense, BUT…” what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  How does that phrase make you feel? Watch this short video then comment below and share your thoughts.   Til Next Time, Always Remember… Change Your Vibes, Change Your Life! -Judy Garey

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did you use meditation to eliminate your panic attacks

Q & A: Did You Use Meditation to Eliminate Your Panic Attacks?

Today’s featured video is a part of our Q & A Video Series where I answer your questions and support you through your challenges. Today’s question was submitted by Rhonda and she said: Judy, I heard your radio show where you were talking about how you struggled with panic attacks for 24 years and how … Read more…

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feeling lost

Feeling Lost?

Have you ever said any of the following? “Where’s that girl/guy I used to be?” “I wish I could find that person I once was.” “I don’t even know what I’m passionate about anymore.” “I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing now.” “I just feel so lost.” In this video, I share … Read more…

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Judy Garey-Master Re-Framer of the World

How to Change Your Vibes Around Disappointment.

When we say the word “Disappointment” we’re actually giving attention, energy and focus to “Disappointment” which in turn will cause us to feel more disappointed. “Don’t Be Disappointed, I don’t want to disappoint..” as well as many other phrases with the word disappointment are all common phrases that many people say. When we say, “Disappointment” … Read more…

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