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Today’s video is a part of our  New Story Time Series where I share manifestation stories, healing stories, and stories in general to inspire, empower and give you ideas of what’s possible in your own life.

Watch this short video and hear how we manifested $700 to replace our broken fence and learn key lessons that you can apply to your own life.

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-Judy Garey

About Judy Garey

Judy Garey, founder and creator of High Vibe Academy, is a Transformational Speaker, Trainer, Life Coach, and Co-Author of the book- "Unlock the Power of You". She is also a Certified Human Behavior Specialist through Insights Institute and a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer by Michael Losier. Judy struggled with panic attacks on and off over a 24 year period that, over time, led to her being diagnosed with panic disorder, agoraphobia, PTSD, depression and ultimately… feeling stuck in a life mess. After committing herself to positive change, she quickly overcame her challenges and totally transformed her life by implementing the exact steps and strategies she now teaches in her seminars, online training programs, and private coaching programs. Judy loves teaching others how to change their vibes, so that they too can change their lives.
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2 Responses to How We Manifested $700 to Replace Our Broken Fence.

  1. Penny Gammo s says:

    Listening to your story made me realize all the times in my life I have had similar situations. When I moved to arksansas in 1993 I decided to move gave a 6 month notice to my boss. I was in management and had started our check processing department so I had a lot of knowledge to train someone my boss had been very good to me so I didn’t want to leave her hanging. So I wanted to buy a house when I moved to Arkansas but I didn’t have any money but I made a list of what I wanted my house to have. My mom seen a note on a bulletin board house for sale by owner so she got the phone number for me. I called the lady and the house had every item on my list and my list was very specific. They could do owner financing but wanted $5,000 down. So now I needed to come up with $5,000. So I went to work the next day and my boss called me in her office and presented me with an opportunity to do a special project at home in the evenings and pay me as a consultant. Also had a consultant that had done a cash flow study for my employer called me and said he needed some help on a job and wanted to know if I was still employed at the credit union I worked at. Since I was now a consultant instead of employee I was free to work with him on a few jobs. Between the two I made $11,000 which was just what I needed to move from Los Angeles to Arkansas. It still amazes me when I think back on it. There are so many times this has happened. I just felt God was meeting my need. I personally believe he is in control of these things but the law of attraction is a law similar to reaping and sowing and gravity. You don’t see it but it is real and it is working wether it’s for good or bad. I don’t know much about the law of attraction but I am definitely going to read more about it. I would like to say thank you for sharing so much information freely! You are encouraging to me and I needed someone to help me get focused.

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